Among the Remnants

Beit Polska and Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland

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Among the Remnants: Josh Gortler’s Journey

Peering out at us on the cover of the memoir ‘Among the Remnants: Josh Gortler’s Journey’ is a three-year-old child who survived a trek through wartime Siberia and back to Poland, the country that had been his home, but was now a place of danger. Josh’s journey takes us through post-war Poland’s upheavals and his years of a belated, distorted childhood among Jewish displaced persons (DPs) in Germany, and then to a new life in a strange country, Phoenix, Arizona USA. Josh and the writer Gigi Yellen (of Northwest Public Broadcasting) answered the call of reckoning with the gift and burden of survival, working on the book for three years. Josh Gortler went on to become a leader in the field of social work in service to the elderly, based at the Seattle Jewish community’s world-renowned Kline Galland Home. Now retired, Josh Gortler speaks to schools and inspires leaders. Joanna Michlic, a renowned scholar of great breadth, will join the conversation around an aspect of her work with the narrative experiences of child survivors of the Holocaust.


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