History on Trial & Historians Tested – Can Governments Re-write History?

Freighted Legacies:

The Culture and History of Jewish Interactions in Poland

History on Trial & Historians Tested – Can Governments Re-write History?

dr. Jan Grabowski

A key aspect of Jan Grabowski’s work focuses on the fate of Jews (circa 1943-44) attempting to elude the Germans. The Russian westward advance against the Germans was a looming force. The German’s dissolution of the large ghettoes and forced labor camps was beginning. Many Jews sought to hide in forests or with farmers. Jews struggled to survive. Grabowski asks what was the role of local Polish mayors, fire departments, vigilante bounty hunters, and the Blue Police (Granatowa policja)? How did Polish society especially in the country-side view what was happening to their Jewish fellow citizens? In the magisterial 1700 page study “Night Without End: The Fate of Jews in Selected Counties of Occupied Poland” Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking with other Polish historians report on this question. Their micro-history has been acclaimed. Upon the book’s publication, Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking were sued in Polish court for defaming an individual mayor. Dr. Grabowski will talk about the book and the trial.


Background for Discussion

1. Poles and the Holocaust: new research, old controversies June 29, 2018


2. Ofer Aderet


3.  A victory for Polish historians:


4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalej_jest_noc

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